Your Home for Peer Play

Thank you for visiting! We would love to meet you and have your child join our Peer Playgroup. Our playgroups are for all children who want a fun and safe play experience.

Speech-Language-Play has morning, half-day playgroups Monday – Friday.

Peer Playgroup Age 2-5 years

There are 6 children in each playgroup.

Playgroups take place in an intimate and peaceful home setting designed for children’s play and led by a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Peer Playgroups develop communication and social skills.

All children deserve peer play time to develop friendships and practice social skills. Here at Speech-Language-Play professional understanding and assistance are provided during play and fun learning activities. All of our students feel individually supported to participate in group play at their level while growing into new skills together.

Serving the North Austin and Pflugerville Area

8310 Tecumseh Drive Austin, TX 78753