Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a licensed child care provider with the Texas Health & Human Services?

Yes! Speech-Language-Play is a Registered Child Care Home. I am regulated by the Texas Health and Human Services under the name Anne Remme and Operation #1683208.

What are Playgroup enrollment days and times?

Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday 9:00-1:00. Free-Play Mondays 9:00-1:00 are offered for enrolled students on a sign-up basis most weeks outside of your regular attendance and tuition. There are early and late childcare hours available most attendance days for a small fee (8:00-9:00 and 1:00-3:00).

Can you accommodate food allergies?

Yes. Food allergies and food restrictions are respected here. Children bring their own lunch. I will notify parents when there is a safety issue with exposure to an allergen and not allow that food to come in. Otherwise, I will keep a list of allergies and restrictions posted so that those foods are not offered during cooking or snack, or that there is an alternative presented for your child.

What are your rates?

Tuition for Social Kids! Playgroup is $400 per month for twice weekly enrollment. Speech Therapy rates will be discussed upon inquiry.

Do you remain open during the summer?

Yes. Each year the Summer schedule will be announced by mid-May. I am usually open 9-10 weeks each Summer.

Do you take health insurance?

No, Speech-Language-Play does not take health insurance at this time.

Is Playgroup the same as Speech Therapy? Does therapy happen during Playgroup?

No. Playgroup is a looser structure and less individualized than Speech Therapy. There is no diagnosis required to attend playgroup, there are no individualized goals written, there is no structured work on specific targets, and there is no objective progress measurement. Parents may schedule their Speech Therapy sessions to happen during Playgroup if that is most effective for their child; I will happily host another Speech-Language Pathologist or any other professional working with your child during our groups.

Do you offer any trial days before enrolling?

Yes. I have two special offerings to help families decide if this is a good fit. 1- A try-out day can be scheduled any day there is an opening. You may come with your child or drop them off to experience all or any part of our playgroup session. 2- An "Adjustment Period" is offered during the first four weeks of enrollment. Your child may attend shorter days or once/week to ease into enrollment. Both offerings cost just $15/hour rather than an upfront full price financial commitment.

What does my child need to bring to playgroup?

A backpack, lunchbox and water bottle. Backpack should contain a full change of clothes and diapering supplies if appropriate. Lunch should be a variety of healthy foods that your child can eat independently; warm-ups are welcome. Water bottle or cup with a lid and straw are necessary since our table gets crowded and we like to bring our waters outside while we play!

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