What Parents Say

2019, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

Our son loves seeing Miss Anne. He runs to her front door, and grins when we talk about her home.

We’ve tried countless babysitters and two daycares — our son cried for all of them. But with Anne he feels loved and knows his needs are met. Anne is incredibly attentive to each child’s needs and desires, and also skillful at mediating whatever issues come up between them. Her communication is always kind, calm, and clear. She connects with each child and, as a result, they feel secure and happy.

We also love all the age-appropriate activities at Miss Anne’s: feeding the pets, playing in the mud, “cooking,” playing with toys, crafts, and interacting with friends. It’s just the right amount of activity to keep our son engaged and content without over-stimulating him.

We couldn’t recommend Anne’s playgroup any more enthusiastically. She’s been wonderful for our son and our whole family.

We also receive in-depth updates and reports about our son’s speech and social development — Anne is just as insightful about her kids as she is compassionate. Her communication with us has always been incredibly prompt and thorough – we always understand what is happening, when, and why at playgroup. Anne’s playgroup is a treasure!

2019, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

Here is what I like about the place:

* Kids play for 2-2.5 hours out of 4, indoors and outdoors – with water, mud, etc – all year round.

* Anne is calm, friendly and predictable which makes kids feel safe: she has clear rules in her house and a steady daily routine.

* She is a speech therapist and works on kid’s speech during their play sessions. In my family we speak Russian at home. My son did not speak English when we had started coming to miss Anne’s a year ago. Now he’s fluent.

*She makes her business transparent to parents: I get daily pictures, calendar and tuition updates, bugs spray and sun screen refill reminders, etc in a timely manner.

*She’s flexible: when I needed to change anything she listened and tried her best make it work.

*Anne teaches kids social skills as well as emotional intelligence:

– She helps them understand and express their feelings, verbally
– She helps kids read other’s feelings from facial expression and posture
– She teaches them to respect other’s feelings, bodies, toys
– She sees a car sharing conflict or an accidental heads bump situation as an opportunity for teaching problem solving or practicing social skills.

My son came for the first time after a 2 months long summer break today and I stayed with him for a bit. I observed Miss Anne play with 3 kids for 10 mins. I counted 6 occasions when she practiced something from the list above with them.

Writing the pros I was trying to be objective and talk facts. Now a little bit of subjectivity: for me her place is an ideal daycare.

2019, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

Love, love, love this place! With Anne, I was able to find a safe place for my son to get the social and play support he needs. And unlike most places I looked at, Anne was willing to accommodate my unusual requests (like turning off the WiFi during class). It has been wonderful, and I am so grateful to have found Anne and her program. 

2018, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

Anne is fantastic with our twin two year olds! She is very professional, yet very caring and kind. They adore her and don’t even look back from the moment they enter the door. We are so grateful to have such a positive outlet for the boys!

2018, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

Our Hank has LOVED the Ms. Anne experience! He’s made best friends here. The flow of their day is so very sweet and Hank loves the outdoor space. I love that his clothes come home caked with mud and glitter. Her birthday ritual is so thoughtful too! Come play with Hank and feed the pets! β€οΈπŸ πŸ¦€πŸšπŸ›πŸ¦‹πŸ¦β€οΈ

2018, Parent of Preschool Playgroup student

We started our son at SLP last month and we just love Anne and the way she runs her program. I am so thankful I found this via Facebook and I highly recommend SLP to anyone looking for the best and most thoughtful program in Austin for their kid(s). I drive about 40 minutes to drop off my son here twice a week. A far drive for us but totally worth it!

2017, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

We adore Anne. Not only are her expertise solid (she effortlessly helped guide and grow our child’s speech while at the same time effectively supporting social and emotional focused peer based play), but she is an amazing and compassionate human being. Anne goes above and beyond the call of duty for our family, and our son loves her. It is such comfort as a parent to know your child is so well loved and cared for. As someone with a background in early childhood education, I cannot more highly recommend this hidden gem of a play group. It has all the quality AND all the love. 5 stars

2018, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

We love Anne and feel lucky we found her! My son is 3 and has been going to playgroup all year. He looks forward to the days he gets to go and see his friends and is thrilled when it’s time for playgroup. Anne is kind, loving, organized, professional, and in tune with the kids. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

2018, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

Ms. Anne is amazing! we are so grateful for the sweet community she fosters and how she teaches communication and cooperation through daily structures and lots of play.

2015, Parents of Preschool Playgroup students

We love Speech-Language-Play!! Ms. Anne is fantastic and we really like her style of teaching skills through encouragement, support, and lots of love & fun! It is great to see my boys spontaneously showing me the things they learned, played and absorbed at school.

2018, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

We have been so privileged to have Miss Anne in our sons life. He loves slp and he is pretty tough critic!!!

2017, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

My son LOVES Ms. Anne and my wife & I do too. She is patient, kind, thoughtful and individually supports each child. My son has been a part of Ms. Anne’s school from 2 until now, a 4 yr. old. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience or loving space for him – she has helped him grow into a great friend and enriched his life through play and structure. We’re so grateful that we have been able to be part of her community!

2017, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

As with all the best things in life, we heard of Ms. Anne and her Social Kids playschool from word of mouth and we count our blessings every day that we did. Within her home, she has created an enriching environment where our son has been able to feel safe and thus to explore and to grow. With her skillful guidance, he has been able to blossom socially and gain independence and confidence. We love and appreciate that his first school experience takes place within a home setting, where he can cook, feed pets, play in the yard and relax in the living room just as he would at his own home. I truly believe learning in such a familiar space has been paramount for our child. As the parent of a highly sensitive child, it is so wonderful to have a place where our child feels safe. Ms. Anne has worked diligently to develop strategies for success for our son over the past year and a half he has attended her playschool. She is a compassionate and knowledgable caregiver and it is evident how deeply the children care for her as well. We feel so grateful that our son has the opportunity to spend part of this pivotal developmental time in her care.

2017, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

Anne is more than an amazing early-childhood educator…she’s a magic-maker, heart-filled kid-empowerer, parent advocator-and-empathsizer, and go-above-and-beyonder. Needless to say, we love her and have only the the best things to say about her home-based program. Speech-Language-Play is a bit of a hidden secret and we’re so, so lucky to know Anne.

2016, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

We LOVE this place! Our daughter has thrived in this very special learning environment over the last 9 months! Truly a unique and beautiful space where learning happens on all levels.

2016 Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

Our baby absolutely loves this place.
We have been very happy with our choice to send our child to S-L-P.
She is always happy to see Ms Anne at drop-off and happy when we pick her up. Ms Anne is very friendly and professional. She gives a thorough report at the end of each week and sends pictures of the little ones in action in the weekly newsletter, which is wonderful. What we like the most is the small play groups and one-to-one attention Ms Anne gives to each kid. Would recommend S-L-P to others.

2016, Parents of Preschool Playgroup students

Ms. Anne is simply a treasure for parents of young children. Our kids love their time with her and have learned so much under her guidance. She seems to have a unique super power for attracting engaged parents and truly wonderful children. If her services are something you’re considering for your kids, she really is worth it.

2015, Parents of Preschool Playgroup students

My kids Rae and Mal had a blast at play group when they attended, their speech flourished under her care, and they made so many sweet friends. The whole family absolutely adores Ms. Anne, her safe and loving home, her children and her pets. If we could stay in SLP forever we would!

2015, Parents of Preschool Playgroup student

My son has flourished going to speech-language-play. Ms. Anne has a natural ability to connect with her students, and they thrive with her guidence. I would recommend this school to everyone. I truly believe that placing my son here, is one of the best decisions I have ever made.